Love & Light Charms


Every order receives a charm of appreciation! Collect them to remind yourself of how special you are! Changed often so its always a surprise! Visit this page to find the meaning behind your charm.

Keep spreading love & light Ignited Souldiers!


The Scales:
Reminds us that everything in life has a balance, just like the yin & yang. Positive and negative is the foundation of the material world. The key to staying positive and raising your vibration, even in times of uncertainty, is to always find something to be grateful for. 

Eternal Love:
We must love ourselves before we can love another. Speak truth to yourself, speak kindly to yourself. Be what your inner child needs most! Look in the mirror & into your heart, see the beauty you bring into the world and know you are valued. 


The Healing Tree:
Take time to heal. Wounds can run deep, through body, mind & soul. Tend to them, its' okay to rest. Just remember the leaves fall to make way for new growth, only after nature has fed the roots and warmed the earth. Let nature heal you and then you too will blossom!