About Us

The Ignited Soul believes that spirituality is woven throughout us, sometimes we just need a spark to ignite that inner flame! This is where we come in! 
We have worked hard to listen, learn and be guided towards inspiring self-love & healing. The focus of our company is to empower you on your spiritual journey and embrace inner unconditional love. 
Our "Self-care for the Soul Kits" are the focus of our company. They are a blend of Spirituality, Metaphysics & Psychology. Intended to guide you on your spiritual journey. We hope you feel the love and care we put into each one! 
The Ignited Soul is active on social media spreading positivity and motivation to raise the collective vibration of humanity. We encourage you to follow us and participate in the discussions, become part of the community and let your soul shine! 
Always, feel free to email us any questions, suggestions or products you would like to see in our boutique! 
Shine bright and keep spreading love Ignited "soul"diers!