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Bio-feedback Heart Chakra Meditation Kit

Bio-feedback Heart Chakra Meditation Kit

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Designed for you and only you! This unique meditation kit allows you to meditate to the sound of your own heartbeat! Instant bio-feedback straight from your heart! 

Give yourself or someone you love, the gift of self-love! Reach deep into your soul and become intimate with your higher-self.

This incredible meditation tool comes packaged in a 11.5" x 12.5" gift box with a satin ribbon closure. Clearly displayed instructions on the inside cover also detail the benefits of meditation!

Included in this amazing meditation kit:

Timer ( AAA batteries not included) 


Eye Mask

 Possible Benefits of Meditation:

Lowered blood pressure

Inner confidence

Elevated mood, positive behavior patterns


Reduced stress levels


Decreased muscle tension

Increased intuition



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